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I am 

- designer for communication (diploma HFBK Hamburg)
- projectmanager

- designer stages- and costumes

- graphic-designer and illustrator



I work at the Magdeburg Puppet Theater as head of equipment (Ausstattungsleiterin) and will change as cultural manager to North Rhine Westphalia

And before i did that: 
I worked on the stage and costume design of  "Iphigenie on Tauris" by Goethe and "cabal and love" by Schiller, after an adaption by Mario Holetzeck at Neue Bühnen Senftenberg. 

And before i did that:   
I worked on the the stage and costume design of "Orestie" by Ayschylos, after an adaptation by Stein and Holetzek at the German-Sorbian Theater Bautzen.

And before i did that:
I worked as a stage designer on the semi-opera "King Arthur" of Henry Purcell at the Anhaltinisches Theater in Dessau

And before i did that: 
I worked as a production designer on a psycho thriller ("3Lives") and on a commercial for more humanity in public office. I appreciated work on film and stages very much.


In recent years I have gained a lot of experience in the creation and organization of spatial projects. I have worked both as a communication officer in the ministry of Economic Affairs, and as a spatial strategist for the Egyptian- and the Bode-Museum in Berlin. And I worked as an illustrator, graphic conceptioner and teacher for medial space in parallel. In my view of work, these creative areas are interlinked.

For example i did that:

  • spacial illustrations/graphic design and consulting for Euro RSCG, BBDO, Egyptian Embassy, Ministry of economy, German Marshal Fund of the United States, RTL, TRIAD. 

And before i did that: 

  •  conception/consulting/ project coordination/ strategic guidelines for multi-media exhibitions for german museums and german car-companies like Daimler and VW. 
  •  lecturer masterclass communication and medial spaces /Technical Art University, Berlin (BTK-Berlin)
  • invention of the, cooperation with „German Guggenheim“ Berlin

And before i did that: 

  • secretary for Communications / Design Manager / for the

Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology  (BMWI) 

Federal Ministry of Economics and Employment (BMWA)

And before i did that: 

  • creative director / advertising for Mercedes Benz and Citroen

And before i did that: 

  •  set and costume designer at different theaters and for different musicvideos

And before i did that: 

  • study of visual communication and setdesign, School of Fine Arts in Hamburg

Konzeption, Gestaltung, Kulturmanagement

Ich mag es, kreative Projekte von der ersten Fragestellung, über Workshops, Scribbles und Konzeptionspläne, über die Ausführungsorganisation bis zum letzten Geraderichten eines Projektdetails zu begleiten. Dabei sind die Themenfelder Ausstellung und Museum, Theater und Event interdisziplinär verzahnt. Klare Kommunikation, verständliche Visuals und der Respekt im Umgang mit allen Teilnehmern der Reise sind meine Stärken.  Ziel ist es, mit befriedigendem, dynamischem Workflow  erfolgreiche Eröffnungen und spannende Premieren zu erreichen.